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Download, print, and mail your registration form, or call us at 570-675-5094 to register

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WHEN | Our summer schedule is separate from our regular September through May schedule.

DEPOSIT | A $20 non-refundable deposit is required for registration for each course. The remainder of each course fee is due at the first class.

COST | There are two prices listed for each course. New students, or those in their first 24 months of lessons at the Imagery, pay the higher price; students at the Imagery 25 months or more pay the lower price.

SUPPLIES | Students must provide all of their own art supplies. Artists' supplies are available at Sue Hand's Imagery at a 20% discount for enrolled students. Thank you for supporting small locally owned retailers!

RATED G | We are a family-oriented art studio. All subject matter must be rated 'G' :) 'G' is GOOD!

MISSED CLASSES | Have to miss a class? Make-ups are available in other classes by appointment. All make-ups must be completed by the end of the summer session.

CHILDREN | Younger students should be accompanied by no more than one family member when entering the studio since we have limited space. All children should arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class time. Children should be met by a parent or guardian immediately at the end of class. In case of an emergency situation which would prevent you from picking up your child promptly, please call us! Also, no student under age 10 may take two consecutive classes (2 hours back-to-back) unless they have been an Imagery art student for at least 18 months.

FALL SCHEDULE | Summer students who wish to continue in our regular session classes beginning in September will be placed on our waiting list and notified when an opening is available.

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